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Reconciliation: Issues to Consider if you are Considering Remarrying your Former Spouse

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reconciliationWhen you are going through a divorce, you might feel like you never want to see or speak to your former spouse again. You might even hate your former spouse. This is normal – divorces are emotionally trying and many couples have to work hard just to remain cordial after their divorces. But once time passes and emotions cool, some individuals find themselves voluntarily spending time with their former spouses again. Some even go as far as to fall in love a second time and remarry – each other! An estimated six percent of couples in the United States follow this pattern.

If you are considering remarrying your former spouse, you probably have a lot of questions you need answered. You have already divided your shared assets – now what? Do you combine them again? Do your individual portions from your first divorce remain singly-held property? These are questions that can be answered by an experienced divorce attorney.

Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements can be used to determine which spouse is entitled to receive which piece of shared property in a divorce and name the recipients of an individual's property, if he or she intends to give it to a party other than his or her spouse, upon that individual's death. Do not enter a remarriage with the impression that it will all work out this time – there was a reason why your first marriage ended and that reason could very well end this marriage too. If anything, be more careful with your assets as you enter your second marriage and write a prenuptial agreement.

Get Relationship Counseling

Before entering your second marriage with your spouse, seek premarital counseling to determine whether you are truly compatible with each other. Talk out your issues from your first marriage and the issues you anticipate happening in your second marriage and focus on how you can be better together this time. If you have children, discuss how you can effectively co-parent as a married couple again after spending time co-parenting with a custody arrangement in place.

You Need to Cancel Your Existing Court Orders

If you currently have a child custody, child support, or spousal maintenance order in place, you will need to contact the court to have these canceled after you remarry.

Give yourselves time to build a relationship again before jumping into a new marriage. When you date your former spouse again, you might find that you are better off not marrying again. Do not allow those around you, including your children, to pressure you into remarrying your former spouse if you do not feel ready to do so. You might never feel ready, and that is okay.

Work with a Divorce Attorney in Kane County

If you are considering a remarriage, whether it is to your former spouse or a new partner, speak with an experienced Kane County family law attorney to determine how your existing court orders may change. Our team at the Goostree Law Group is here to help you through this process by providing you with quality legal advice and assistance.



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