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Second Marriage Not a Guarantee

Posted on in Divorce
Christine?It is helpful to learn from our mistakes, and to become better people for them. In a marriage, when it fails, one might think they have become experts on what did not work. So when the opportunity arises for a second marriage, these so called experts think they have it all understood. However, second marriages are more likely to end in divorce than first marriages. What can you do if you want to jump into the marriage pool again? Check out these quick tips, and consider a prenuptial agreement as you read on to protect yourself in your second marriage. It is easy to find someone and think they fit everything you have ever wanted. Maybe even comparing them to your previous spouse makes the temptation to marry even more beautiful. However, getting to know your future spouse is crucial. It does not have to be specific a length of time, per se, but rather, understanding each other’s culture, expectations, family, child-rearing techniques, money, religion and social beliefs. Believe it or not, they can easily tear a couple apart if they are not on the same page. Understand what did not work in your previous marriage – maybe even make a list. Discuss your ideas on relationships with your future partner so they understand your perspective and how to help avoid previous issues. Just jumping into a new marriage thinking it will be a clean slate and not have the same issues is not smart. By being open and honest can give the two of you a great way of figuring out expectations of each other and moving forward together in a positive, healthy way. Marriage is wonderful, but it is totally understandable for one to be apprehensive the second time around. Maybe a prenuptial is a good route for you and your new spouse to have to ensure your assets and expectations. Contact a Kane County family attorney today for more information.  

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