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Seven Signs It May Be Time to Get Divorced

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Kane County Divorce LawyerEveryone who falls in love hopes that the relationship will last forever. Sadly, however, statistics show that this is simply not the case for every couple. Countless issues, from financial dishonesty to adultery, can lead to marital breakdown. Some couples are able to overcome these types of challenges while others cannot. Only the individuals involved in a marriage can determine if their relationship is salvageable. This blog will evaluate some of the signs that may indicate that divorce is on the horizon.

Indications Your Marriage May Be Over

Most marriages that end in divorce experience a slow breakdown over time. There may be one or two major events such as a cheating spouse that hasten the relationship’s collapse, but most marriages slowly burn out due to issues such as:

  • Differing priorities – People change, and sometimes, a marriage cannot survive these changes. For example, if one spouse wants children and the other wants to remain childless, the two may have a hard time reconciling these differences.

  • Lack of intimacy – When spouses cannot express love and affection for each other physically, this can damage the relationship dramatically. Dry spells are normal, but long-term lack of intimacy may be a sign that the marriage is nearing its end.

  • Domestic abuse – Hitting and other forms of physical violence are just one type of domestic violence. Financial exploitation, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and psychological manipulation can be just as harmful. No one should have to tolerate this type of mistreatment in their own home.

  • Substance abuse or addiction – Addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, or gambling does not automatically spell divorce. However, many people find that their marriage cannot survive a spouse’s addiction – especially if that spouse is not willing to get help for the addiction.

  • Significant financial disagreements – Money is a central issue in a marriage. If the spouses disagree about how to make, save, or spend money, this can have a detrimental impact on the relationship.

  • Chronic deceit – Most people tell white lies from time to time. However, a marriage involving pervasive dishonesty may be beyond saving.

  • Disinterest in reconciliation – One of the biggest indicators that a marriage is over is when one or both spouses have no interest in salvaging the marriage. A healthy marriage requires two partners who are willing to work together to make things better. If you or your spouse no longer wish to be married, it may be time to seriously consider divorce.

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