Should I Consider Divorce Coaching in Illinois

 Posted on March 14, 2024 in Divorce

IL divorce lawyerAcknowledging that your marriage has failed is no easy task. With a divorce looming, you might find you are emotionally and even physically overwhelmed by everything you need to think about. Who will get our home? What will happen to our retirement funds? If you have children, these questions only increase. Trying to make plans for an uncertain future can be stressful, especially if you do not have any previous experience with divorce.

It is wonderful if you have friends and family around who want to help and support you during this difficult period. But beyond the emotional and even logistical support they can offer you, it might be a good idea for you to hire the services of a divorce coach who can help you navigate this complicated process.

At Goostree Law Group, we are pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to work with Paulette Theodosis, a client liaison and certified divorce coach who uses her extensive family law background and her own experience with divorce to assist our clients in moving forward from their own circumstances.

What Does a Divorce Coach Do?

Divorce coaching involves supporting, motivating, and guiding people who are getting a divorce. A divorce coach will have clients work through a goal-orientated but flexible process focusing on overall well-being throughout. Divorce coaches can come from many different professions, including lawyers, financial planners, mental health professionals, and divorce mediators, among others.

A divorce coach will encourage you to think positively about this process and look beyond whatever obstacles and hardships you are currently facing so you can look forward to a future that is full of fresh opportunities. Letting go of the past can be hard for anyone, even for those who were not in a happy marriage, and a divorce coach can be instrumental in helping reframe your perspective and focus on how you are doing something to make your future better than your present.

Divorce coaches can also help you build a budget that will address your new needs and constraints, including steps to ensure a stable financial future. They can also serve as a trusted confidant who can provide invaluable guidance on parenting plans, residential considerations, and any other topic related to your divorce.

Contact a Kane County, IL Divorce Coach

If your marriage is about to end and you are feeling overwhelmed by everything that entails, it could be extremely helpful for you to speak with a St. Charles, IL divorce coach. At Goostree Law Group, we believe in adopting a holistic approach to complicated matters. Our compassionate and skilled attorneys can protect your rights and your best interests, while our divorce coach can help you navigate the emotional aspects as you embark on this brave path toward a brighter future for you. Call us at 630-584-4800 to schedule a free consultation.

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