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Societal Norms Relating to Marriage and Divorce are Shifting

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marriage, dissolution of marriage, same sex marriage, same sex divorce, Illinois divorce lawyerThere was a time when divorce, same sex marriage and same sex divorce, civil unions and their dissolution, asset distribution, and a host of other family law related issues were non-existent or, at the very least, were very rarely discussed. That is not the case anymore, and the question remains: what has led to this progressive level of thinking? There is not a single encompassing answer, but the changes are occurring rapidly.


Divorce was a rare occurrence at one time, and it seems likely that education, technology, and shifting beliefs have all attributed to the increase in divorce rates across all age ranges. Many married couples are still finding a way to make it work, but others choose to opt out.

When the marriage fails to work, there are numerous questions which must be addressed. When those questions arise, a good starting place for those in Illinois is 750 ILCS 5, but in order to interpret all of the nuances which accompany the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, you need an experienced family law attorney.

Same Sex Marriage and Dissolution

Nowhere has there been a more profound change in views than in the area of same sex marriage. People of all races and religions are beginning to accept that people should have equal rights, regardless of their sexual orientation or preferences. Unfortunately, same sex couples have many of the same problems and concerns as heterosexual couples, and sometimes those differences end in the need for a divorce. Fortunately, the laws are quickly adapting with the changing times, and in several states, including Illinois, there are provisions which apply equally to all couples.

Asset Distribution

The evolution of asset distribution and division of property have also changed over the recent decades towards a more equal system. There was a time when women were left destitute and often struggling for survival. Again, the law realized this disparate inequality and provisions were adopted to protect both spouses in the division of assets. Assets are not the only thing divided equitably; debts are also given fair consideration in their division.

What it All Means

Put simply, all of these changes mean that the laws of the land are progressive, and history reflects their ability to be altered in order to fit the nature of the times. Although unjust norms and laws may have been previously fostered, a shift in the consciousness of society has led to changes that aim to provide equality of all. Of course, certain laws may still be breached, and others may remain complex and difficult to navigate, which is why it is always necessary to seek help with any legal questions you may have.

Legal Help

When family law issues arise, you do not have to go it alone. There are professionals waiting to assist you through the tough times associated with divorce, separation, custody, and the host of other family law issues that one might face. Contact the Professionals at Goostree Law Group, or call today 630-584-4800 for a free and confidential conversation with an attorney.
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