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Adult Children of Divorce Still Need SympathyFor parents who are considering divorce, there are practical benefits to waiting until their children are adults before ending their marriage. Without legal dependents, the divorcing couple will not need to establish child support payments or the allocation of parental responsibilities. As adults, the children are thought to be more mature and capable of accepting their parents' divorce. However, people of all ages can struggle with the news that their parents are divorcing. Adult children of divorce may feel emotionally and financially vulnerable. Yet, their feelings may be treated with less care because they are supposed to be more mature and independent.

Emotional Impact

Parents who are getting divorced should not assume that their adult children will accept their decision with calmness and understanding. Part of the difficulty of telling younger children about divorce is explaining the concept and what it means for them. Adult children know what divorce means, but that knowledge may not ease their emotions. Many negative thoughts can plague them, such as:

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How Divorce Affects Children With AutismMany parents worry about how their divorce will affect their children. For children with autism, their parents’ divorce can be particularly confusing and disruptive. Depending on the severity of the autism, a child may have difficulty communicating or understanding how others feel. Children with autism thrive on familiarity and consistency. If you have a child with autism, you need to be sensitive to the unique affect your divorce may have on him or her.

Explaining the Divorce

Your child’s lack of communication skills can make it difficult to explain a topic as complex and emotional as divorce. You may have experience communicating with your child, but it can be hard to predict how your child will react. When having the conversation:

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How to Communicate With Your Toddler About DivorceGetting divorced is an emotionally trying time for parents and their children, but being the divorced parents of a toddler brings unique challenges. While older children may feel guilty over the divorce, toddlers are at a developmental stage when they are too young to understand what a divorce is. However, they do know that their world has been disrupted because their parents are no longer together.

Because toddlers do not have the communication skills to explain their feelings, they are more likely to have behavioral reactions, including:

  • Tantrums
  • Sleep trouble
  • Increased separation anxiety
  • Behavioral regression, such as thumb sucking

While these behaviors can lead to developmental setbacks, research has shown toddlers of divorced parents can still develop normally if their parents properly communicate with them. 

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childrenand divorce, illinois divorce attorneyNo matter how hard parents work to reduce the stress, confusion, and hurt their children experience due to divorce, there is simply no easy way to get around the difficulties that surround the process. Divorce is emotionally taxing on everyone involved, but according to staff from the well-revered Mayo Clinic medical research center, there are certain steps you can take as parents to help make your children’s adjustment a little less painful in the long run.

Get Off On the Right Foot

While we know it is impossible for anyone to emerge from divorce completely unscathed, the transition can, at the very least, be less jarring when it is handled with care from the very beginning. This is especially true where children are concerned, as they are still developing and their emotions are heightened during stressful circumstances.

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Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce attorneyA parent's divorce can take a toll on any child. How a parent's divorce affects a child depends on numerous factors, such as the level of conflict in the marriage before the divorce, the child's relationship with each parent, how drastically the child's lifestyle changes following the divorce, and the child's personality. Some children are more easily upset by conflict in their homes than others. One factor that can play into how a child is affected by his or her parents' divorce is the child's age. At different developmental stages, a child can understand and process the effects of a divorce in different ways.

It is a myth that divorce affects one age group more profoundly than others. The truth is, divorce affects all members of a family, but it can affect children and adolescents in specific ways based on their ages.

Infants and Toddlers

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