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Amazon CEO Shows Divorce Can Be Amicable Despite Valuable AssetsAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently announced the terms of his divorce from his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie. The divorce is expected to be the most valuable in history because Bezos’s net worth of more than $110 billion makes him the richest man in the world. As part of the divorce:

  • Jeff Bezos will keep 75 percent of the couple’s stock in Amazon and voting control for all of their stock;
  • MacKenzie Bezos’s share will be about four percent of Amazon’s total stock, valued at $35 billion; and
  • Jeff Bezos will receive all of the couple’s interest in the Washington Post and Blue Origin.

As a result of the divorce, MacKenzie Bezos will be the third-richest woman in the world. As astounding as the details of the agreement are, it may be just as impressive that the divorce has been amicable. The couple reached a quick agreement and has complimented each other publicly throughout the process. You could argue that it is easy to cooperate when both spouses are guaranteed to still be amongst the richest people in the world. However, a high asset divorce can just as easily create conflict between the spouses.

The Stakes

You likely worked hard to accumulate the wealth and assets that you share with your spouse. It is natural to want to keep as many of those assets as possible. A divorce is meant to provide financial stability to both spouses. This may mean:

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Can You Be Overly Amicable in Your Divorce?An amicable divorce is often healthiest for both parties, but there is such a thing as being overly nice to your spouse during the process. Some divorcees give up too much during the negotiations or do not ask for enough information from their spouse. The process may have been peaceful, but the divorcee ended up with an agreement that did not meet his or her needs. Being amicable during your divorce means being reasonable and calm, but you must be willing to advocate for yourself.

Why People Are Too Amicable

Spouses should try to conduct an amicable divorce because they want to reach a fair and timely resolution. People who seek a quick divorce with little discussion or arguments may instead be motivated by:

  • Wanting to finish the divorce quickly because the process is uncomfortable;
  • Having a natural tendency to avoid conflict with others;
  • Being concerned about pleasing others;
  • Being used to being subservient to their spouse; or
  • Feeling guilty because they blame themselves for the divorce.

As a result, an overly amicable divorcee may quickly accept a spouse’s proposal for dividing property or scheduling a parenting plan without carefully considering the consequences of the proposal.

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kindness after divorce, Kane County family law attorneysMost people think of divorce as a contentious matter – one in which parties fight to the bitter end over big things, small things, and everything in between. Yet this is not always the case. A dad in Boston is proving it in his everyday life by doing kind and compassionate things for his ex-wife. When asked why, his simple and straightforward response was that it teaches his boys to be kind and loving toward all women, especially their mother. The following shows how right he is, and can help you have an amicable divorce as well.

Focus on What Really Matters

When asked how he manages to keep things amicable between himself and his ex-wife, the Boston man said he and his ex-wife decided early on that they were going to avoid petty behavior in front of the kids. More than that, they were going to put in the effort to co-parent and show one another respect. The mother is completely on board as well. On Father’s Day, she makes sure their sons purchase a gift for their dad.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_couple-talking-divorce-amicable_20170130-170041_1.jpgWhen you are going the process of ending your marriage, you will experience a wide range of emotions. In fact, many mental health professionals sometimes compare the psychological impact of a divorce to that of the death of a loved one, with obvious differences. Too often, however, a divorcing couple will allow anger and bitterness to overshadow all of the other emotions which can result in an even more difficult divorce. It is possible to limit the negative feelings during the process but doing so does require a little bit of work.

Decide in Advance

One of the most important things you can do to prevent anger and bitterness from controlling your divorce is to make a conscious decision to remain positive as much as possible. Commit to your future and that of your children rather than dwelling on the past. If you can keep negativity in check during the divorce process, you will be better equipped to make good decisions along the way. Focus on results and you will be more likely to obtain a favorable outcome.

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Kane County divorce lawyersAn amicable divorce can be challenging, but rewarding. Achieving an amicable divorce, though, is hard work and requires the skill of an experienced divorce attorney in Kane County who can protect your rights throughout the process. If you are seeking an amicable divorce or interested in learning more about amicable divorces, one of our attorneys in Illinois can help.

What is Considered an Amicable Divorce?

An amicable divorce involves willingness to put aside existing animosity in an effort to find workable solutions to areas of disagreement related to equitably dividing assets and debt responsibility, establishing child or spousal support, and developing a parenting plan. This process typically involves the use of negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods, like arbitration, mediation and collaborative law.

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