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Three Tips for Divorced Parents Before Dating AgainIt is understandable and maybe even expected that you will start dating again after your divorce. How soon depends on how quickly you are able to move past the pain of divorce. It can take months to years for someone to be emotionally ready to enter a new romantic relationship. Dating after divorce is different for many people because they may have children from their previous marriage. You need to understand how your dating decisions may affect your children and your ability to be a parent. Here are three tips for dating as a divorced parent:

  1. Be Honest with Your Children About Dating: You may be worried about how your children will react to your decision to start dating, but not telling will make them more upset when they eventually find out. Before going on dates, you should talk to your children about the decision and what it means for them. Be honest in telling them that you are lonely in a way that only a relationship with another adult can satisfy. Emphasize that being their parent is still your most important job and that no one you meet will replace them or their other parent.
  2. Be Cautious About Who You Introduce to Your Children: You should keep your dating and family lives separate until you are confident that you are in a long-term relationship with the person you are seeing. Meeting your new partner will be stressful for your children, and you should keep those meetings to a minimum. You also need time to determine whether your new partner is the type of person you would want interacting with your children.
  3. Do Not Put Your New Partner in a Parenting Role: When it comes time to introduce your new significant other to your children, you should describe him or her as a friend to the children and not a new parent. Allowing your new partner to discipline your children is likely to upset and confuse them. If you eventually marry this partner, his or her role as a step-parent will develop naturally.

Contact a St. Charles Divorce Attorney

Your responsibilities as a parent will always supersede any new relationships. Your co-parent may attempt to take away some of your responsibilities if your dating interferes with your parenting time or puts your children in danger. A Kane County divorce lawyer at Goostree Law Group can discuss how your parenting plan may affect your ability to date. To schedule a free consultation, call 630-584-4800. 


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Be Careful with Online Dating After Gray DivorcePeople who divorce after age 50 may feel an urgency to start dating again and find a new romantic partner. You do not like the sudden loneliness you feel after decades of being married. There is also a heightened sense of your biological clock ticking and wanting to start a relationship while you can still enjoy it. You will learn that the dating process has changed since the time you met your former spouse. Online dating websites have in many ways taken the place of singles bars and other such venues. The prospect of meeting your match from the comfort of your computer can be both exciting and scary. Gray divorcees must be careful when using online dating services. Bad experiences can drain your post-divorce assets and damage your vulnerable psyche.

What is Online Dating?

Online dating sites are essentially social media sites for the purpose of starting relationships or friendships. As a member, you will create a profile that includes:

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Perils of Dating Too Soon After DivorceDating after divorce would be simpler if there was a set amount of time after which you knew you were ready to start a new relationship. Emotionally moving on from your marriage is a process, not a time period. Divorcees create arbitrary waiting periods because they know they should not immediately jump into a new relationship. However, you cannot predict how long your emotional recovery will take. Entering into a relationship too soon after a divorce can lead to impulsive decisions and unfortunate consequences.

Still Recovering

Divorcees may feel the desire to start dating again before they are emotionally ready for a new relationship. Dating fills a void left by the divorce and distracts you from addressing your underlying emotions. During a new relationship, you can tell that you have not moved past your divorce if:

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Getting back into the dating game after being in a marriage for a long tim can be interesting, to say the least. While there are laws about things that you should and should not do, according to the Huffington Post, there are a few things that you should keep in mind as you are preparing for the single life. Do not Focus on What Your Ex is Doing Theresa Dating after Divorce This is not the time that you need to keep up with your ex. Do not worry about whom they are dating or how many dates they go on weekly. You absolutely do not have to prove anything by one upping them on the dating game. This is not a race and you should not put any pressure on yourself to go on dates until you are ready. Do not force it. Know What you Don’t Need While you are getting acclimated to life after divorce and not sharing your space with a significant other, do not fool yourself into thinking that all change is bad. There is nothing wrong with spending some time alone. You do not need a new boyfriend or girlfriend to be there with you all the time. This is a time of healing. If you do not afford yourself the time to heal, you will only be carrying baggage into the new relationship. Save the Intimacy for Later Loneliness can make you do crazy things. After going through a break up of any kind, you will love getting attention from the opposite sex. Attention is fine, but that does not mean that you should jump into bed with the first person or the first few people that give you that much needed attention. Being in a long-term relationship can cause you to lose a little bit of yourself. Take this time to get to know you before introducing yourself to the dating world. While your Kane County divorce attorney may not give you dating tips, they can definitely help you with any questions that you have regarding your divorce.
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