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Points During Marriage When Divorce Is Most LikelyCompiled statistical data cannot predict when an individual marriage will end in divorce, but that does not stop researchers from trying. There are too many reasons why people get divorced that can develop at any point in the marriage, such as personality conflicts, acts of infidelity or general dissatisfaction. By studying data, researchers have noticed that there are points in the duration of a marriage when more divorces tend to occur. From there, they consider what relationship factors may have changed to make divorce more likely. Researchers have identified three points in a marriage when the risk of divorce seems to increase.

The First Year

The start of a marriage is logically a time when it is vulnerable. Despite the honeymoon period, there are several reasons why a marriage may last a year or less:

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Avoiding Divorce Will Not Save Your MarriageDespite its general acceptance in society, some couples view divorce as an unacceptable choice during their marriage. To them, divorce means quitting on their relationship and admitting that their marriage has failed. They believe it shows more strength to try to work through their differences or tolerate the parts of their marriage that make them unhappy. Other couples are bound to their marriages because of a moral conviction that divorce is a sin. However, staying together at all costs does not make a marriage a success. Couples need divorce to be an option during unhappy marriages.

Stable but Unhealthy

During their wedding vows, couples often promise to be faithful to each other for the rest of their lives. Thus, they may believe that staying together is the best indicator of a successful marriage. With such a standard, a marriage is guaranteed to be successful if the spouses refuse to ever consider divorce. However, it is debatable whether a marriage is a success if the relationship is marred by:

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Immature Marriage More Likely to End in DivorceA popular myth about marriage in the U.S. is that half of all first marriages end in divorce. Data says that the divorce rate peaked at 40 percent in 1980 and has been declining since. Thus, it is false to assume that a marriage is just as likely to fail as succeed because it is a first marriage. However, there is a demographic that is more likely to divorce from their first marriage. They are people who:

  • Marry when they are younger than 25;
  • Do not have a college education; and
  • Are in a lower income class.

These characteristics identify people who are getting married when they are still immature.

Marriage Is Work

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Why Friends May Abandon You During Your DivorceWhen you are starting your divorce, you may take comfort in the belief that you can rely upon your friends to provide emotional support during the process. Unfortunately, your divorce can change your relationship with your friends. Some may try to distance themselves from you by:

  • Treating you coldly;
  • Declining social invitations; or
  • Not inviting you to social events.

You may feel betrayed because these friends have abandoned you when you need them. Before completely writing these people off, you should understand how divorce can affect people’s friendships.

Staying Impartial

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Divorcing Your Imprisoned SpouseIf your spouse has been incarcerated, you may wish to get a divorce. Ending your marriage can allow you to move forward with your life and provide protections for yourself and your children. Fortunately, you can complete your divorce while your spouse is incarcerated. The process will require a few extra steps to accommodate your imprisoned spouse, and your spouse’s status as a convict may affect the terms of your settlement.

Filing for Divorce

Divorces start with one spouse serving the other notice of his or her intention to divorce. When spouses are estranged, the requesting party may have difficulty locating the other spouse. The advantage with an imprisoned spouse is that you know where he or she is now and for the foreseeable future. The sheriff of the county where your spouse is incarcerated will serve the divorce papers. Your spouse will have 30 days to respond by either agreeing to the divorce or contesting it.

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