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Overcoming Your Fear of Change During DivorceFear is a paralyzing emotion that people going through a divorce will commonly experience. When you give in to your fear, you may avoid actions that could help you overcome that fear. Your fear may prevent you from seeking a divorce, despite being miserable in your marriage. During your divorce, your fear may make you passive when you need to advocate for your own interests. After your divorce, your fear may keep you following the same routines that made you unhappy during your marriage. Conquering your fear means understanding it and resolving to act in spite of it.

Divorce Fears

Divorcees are most afraid of significant change in their lives and the uncertainty of their futures. These can create more specific fears, such as:

  • How will I support myself on my own?;
  • Can I handle being a single parent?;
  • How will the divorce affect my children?;
  • Will getting divorced make me happier?; and
  • What will my life be like after divorce?

These are natural questions that you should ask during your divorce because thinking about them will help guide your actions. Problems arise when your fear controls you. When you are afraid of change, you resign yourself to a status quo that you know is not working. There is comfort in familiarity and anxiety in the unknown.

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Differences Between a Divorce Coach and a TherapistYou will need the assistance of several professionals when you are going through a divorce. Hiring a divorce attorney is a necessity because of the many legal complexities of the process. Some divorcees also find it helpful to see a mental health therapist to discuss their emotional issues related to the divorce. If you are working with both of these people, you may wonder why you would need to have a divorce coach. The answer is that a divorce coach provides a service that is unique from a therapist and can help you through the process.

Not a Therapist

The jobs of a divorce coach and a therapist do overlap in some basic areas. Both approach your divorce from a personal perspective, understanding that it is an emotional process. However, there are several differences in how a divorce coach can help you reach your goal:

  1. A Divorce Coach Focuses on Action: You see a therapist to better understand how your divorce is affecting your emotions and how to cope. A divorce coach addresses the issues that you are concerned about with your divorce and helps you create solutions. A divorce coach will make sure that you follow through on your plan, while a therapist takes a more gradual approach that encourages you to reach a conclusion at your own pace.
  2. A Divorce Coach Can Relate to Your Experience: Many divorce coaches chose their profession because they went through their own divorce. They know which parts of a divorce can be difficult and how divorcees need both support and encouragement. A divorce coach can be like a friend who has already experienced his or her own divorce, except a divorce coach is also professionally trained to advise you.
  3. A Divorce Coach Works Directly on Your Divorce: Therapy is about addressing you as a person, which may take a larger view than the immediate concerns of your divorce. A divorce coach is most concerned about how your divorce is immediately affecting you and is part of the divorce team that is guiding you through the process. Some divorce coaches work alongside divorce attorneys, with each focusing on the ways they can help you.

Contact a Kane County Divorce Attorney

No single professional can replicate all the ways that a divorce coach can help you. A St. Charles, Illinois, divorce attorney at Goostree Law Group can put you in contact with the firm's divorce coach to discuss the benefits of the service. Schedule a free consultation by calling 630-584-4800.

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How a Divorce Coach Can Improve Your DivorceDivorce is more than a logistical process that determines who gets what properties and how you share responsibility for your children. For you, it is an emotional and personal process that will at times make you feel uncertain about your life and your future. Divorce is a new and frightening experience for most people, and it can be helpful to have someone who is knowledgeable to guide you through the process. That is why a growing number of divorcees find it empowering to have a divorce coach.

What Is a Divorce Coach?

A divorce coach is a professional who works with divorce clients on handling their emotional concerns and guides them towards being a constructive part of the divorce process. A divorce coach is part of your divorce team that includes your attorney. Divorce coaching has grown as a profession in recent decades, and there are programs that train divorce coaches how to handle real-life scenarios that occur in divorces. Finding a Certified Divorce Coach should assure you that you are working with someone who understands how to help you.

What Can a Divorce Coach Do for Me?

A divorce coach can be useful at any stage of the divorce process. Clients will consult divorce coaches to:

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