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Planning for Standby Adoption After DeathThe most common adoption cases typically involve an adult becoming the legal parent of a child after the biological parents consent to giving up their parental rights. Illinois is one of the few states to include standby adoption as a legal option. Standby adoption allows parents to decide who the adoptive parents of their children will be in case of their deaths. The rights and responsibilities of parents in a standby adoption are the same as those in other forms of adoption in Illinois, but the process must be planned in advance.

How It Works

Standby adoption may be established as part of an estate plan or when a parent has a terminal illness. The parents must fill out a consent form that:

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Illinois family law attorney, Illinois adoption attorneyWhen you adopt a child, you adopt him or her with the intention of being a family forever. Whether you choose an international or domestic adoption, an infant or an older child, or an open or closed adoption, the goal is always the same: to become a parent to a child who is not biologically related to you.

But adoptions are not always smooth and perfect. In fact, integrating an adopted child into your household can be extremely stressful and involve a lot of conflict. Sometimes, this conflict becomes violent and household members are put at risk of injury. Other times, a child's special needs can become too much for the parents to handle, causing the child to suffer from having his or her needs go unfilled. In either of these scenarios, the parents are sometimes forced to consider whether it would be best for all parties involved for the child to leave the household.

Re-homing an Adopted Child

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Illinois adoption attorney, Illinois family law attorneyAdoptions can be complicated, whether you are adopting a baby, a toddler, or an older child; whether you choose a private or agency adoption; whether you opt for an open or closed adoption; or whether you decide to adopt domestically or internationally. Adopting a new spouse's child can also come with its own set of challenges. When you decide to adopt a child with special needs, the challenges that are already present with the adoption can be amplified. Many of the children who are in need of homes in the United States and abroad suffer from physical, mental, and emotional issues that can require special care on the part of their adoptive parents.

Adopting a child with special needs might not be the right choice for your family. On the other hand, you might be well-equipped to handle the challenges that come with such a child and provide him or her with a nurturing, supportive home. Keep the following in mind to help you decide whether adopting a child with special needs is the right choice for you.

Special Needs Can Mean a Lot of Things

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Ilinios adoption attorney, Illinois family law attorneyMany foster parents in Illinois choose to foster children with the intention of eventually adopting them. However, adopting a child from the foster system is not always a simple, straightforward process. Foster parents need to be approved to adopt the children they foster, just like any other adoptive parent must be approved. If you are a foster parent considering adoption, familiarize yourself with this process and work with an experienced adoption attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and the applicable laws are enforced. 

As a foster parent, you are familiar with the requirements that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has for foster parents and families. It is important to learn more about making your foster child into a permanent member of your household.

Adopting from the Illinois Foster Care System Is Free

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Illinois family law attorney, Illinois adoption lawyerYou might face the reality of your parents having their parental rights terminated. Naturally, you want to protect your minor sibling and ensure that he or she is taken care of, rather than allowing him or her to enter the foster care system and be raised by a stranger. If you are in this situation, you might be wondering if it is possible for you to seek custody of your sibling or even become his or her adoptive parent.

It is possible to seek custody of your younger sibling if your parents have their rights to him or her terminated. In fact, it is often preferable that an adult relative of a child in this situation take custody of him or her rather than the foster system. This preference was written into the recent revision to the Illinois Children and Family Services Act, which now states that when a parent's parental rights are terminated, the Department of Children and Family Services must seek any adult relatives, such as adult siblings, grandparents, and aunts and uncles, who can care for the child before placing the child in foster care.

Guardianship vs. Adoption

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