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Making Long-Distance Parenting WorkIn the years following a divorce, opportunities come up that may require two parents to live in different parts of the country. You can contest your co-parent’s decision to relocate with your children, but the court may decide that the move is in their best interest. You may also find a career opportunity in another city that is too lucrative to pass up. Long-distance parenting is a difficult adjustment for you and your children and will never feel like an ideal situation. There are ways you can maintain a healthy relationship with your children.

  1. Regular Communication: It may be impractical to see your children in person frequently, but you should have a weekly schedule of when you will talk to them. Your children should be able to rely on you calling them at the same times each week and feel like you will respond to them if they need to contact you. Video calls can give your conversations more intimacy than voice calls.
  2. Regular Visits: Though less frequent that your calls, your in-person visits with them should also follow a regular pattern. Most of the time, you will need to travel to them for your visits. You can ask a court to consider your travel expenses when calculating your child support payments.
  3. Longer Visits: Your children can also travel to visit you, but it will be better for them to have a few long visits each year than several short visits. This lessens the stress of them traveling and gives you more uninterrupted time with them. Summer vacation is usually the best time for them to visit you because they can stay for several weeks.
  4. Normal Interaction: Long-distance parents may try to make up for not seeing their children more often by giving them gifts or planning fun outings during each visit. This gives them an unhealthy expectation that your relationship is based on you spoiling them. Being with them and doing normal activities should be enough. Save the gifts for special occasions.
  5. Cooperation: Long-distance parenting works best when your co-parent accommodates your efforts to contact and visit your children. As the full-time parent, he or she has even greater responsibility for your children than before. Your co-parent can make your parenting easier by preparing your children for your visits.

Contact a St. Charles Divorce Attorney

You need to modify your parenting agreement when you and your children no longer live near each other. A Kane County family law attorney at Goostree Law Group can help you create a new parenting schedule that allows you to see your children. To schedule a free consultation, call 630-584-4800.


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Perfect Solutions Rarely Exist in Child Relocation DisputesThe decision of whether to allow one parent to relocate with his or her child is often difficult because there are valid arguments for both permitting and denying the petition. The petitioning parent may have an opportunity for a better quality of life, but the responding parent will also have a reduced relationship with his or her child. The decision comes down to whether the relocation will be better for the child. During a recent Illinois case, In re Marriage of Kavchak, a court approved a mother’s petition to relocate with her daughter to North Carolina, even though it would significantly limit the father’s ability to see the daughter.

Mother’s Argument

The mother is a physical therapist who has worked in higher education. Shortly before her divorce, she received an offer for a better-paying job at a university in North Carolina that would also pay for her study towards a doctorate. She accepted the job during the divorce and later filed a relocation petition to allow her daughter to move with her. Her reasons included:

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Complications When Moving After DivorceGetting a divorce is like hitting the reset button on your life. Without your marriage, you are more free to decide what kind of person you are and what you want to do. For some, the best way to start a new life is to move to a new town. There are many reasons why people relocate after divorce:

  • They are pursuing new jobs or careers;
  • They want to distance themselves from their former spouses;
  • They want to move closer to family or friends;
  • It is easier to redefine themselves in a place where people do not know them; and
  • They are finally free to move to a location where they have long wanted to live.

However, moving to a new town is a difficult adjustment for anyone, let alone someone who has just ended his or her marriage. Before deciding to move after your divorce, you should be aware of the complications that come with it.

Parenting Issues

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Divorced Parents' Rights When Children Travel InternationallyAs a divorced parent, you want to know that your children are safe and reachable by you, even if you are not awarded primary allocation of parental responsibilities. If your children travel internationally, it can put both their safety and accessibility at risk:

  • The country your children are visiting may be dangerous; or
  • The other parent may use the opportunity to live in the country with your children.

Many divorced parents want to have a say in important parenting decisions, such as allowing their children to travel abroad. Depending on your allocation of parental responsibilities, you may not be able to prevent your children from traveling internationally. You should understand your rights as a parent before your children leave the country.

Parenting Plan

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illinois divorce law changes, kane county divorce attorneysIf you are an Illinois resident currently in the midst of the divorce process, you may have concerns about recent changes in divorce law that passed in 2016 and how they might affect you and your family once your divorce is final. The good news is that a majority of these changes were put into motion to ease common divorce tensions, with the goal to reduce conflict and simplify the process as a whole. While there will always be some level of conflict where divorce is concerned, revisions to our state’s laws serve to streamline the experience for each party involved.

Here are a few ways recent law changes have changed how couples divorce, but for the better:

1. Revisions to Grounds for Divorce

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