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Why Some Couples Choose Legal Separation Over DivorceFiling for divorce is a serious and final decision to make about your marriage. Even when couples know that they are unhappy in their marriages, they may be unsure about whether they want to go as far as divorce. One alternative that couples in Illinois have is filing for legal separation. With a legal separation, you can act as if you are divorced without ending your marriage. If you decide you want to stay together, you can simply end the separation agreement. If you decide to end your marriage, you can file for divorce to make your separation permanent.

Why Should You Use Legal Separation?

Couples can separate from each other at any time without needing any official documents. However, they may lack legal protection when it comes to their individual property and parental rights. A separation agreement can work similarly to a divorce agreement, allowing you to settle on issues such as:

You may be able to continue certain benefits, such as health insurance, that would end if you divorced. If you cannot afford to move out on your own, you can still live in the same household while being legally separated. You would need to show that you no longer live together as a married couple, such as sleeping in individual rooms or separating your finances.

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