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Thinking Emotionally can Cost a Woman in a Divorce

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According to a financial strategist, how a woman thinks could influence her financial outcome in a divorce. Going through a divorce can be very emotional for women but learning how to shift their thinking from emotional to financial could help them secure a solid financial footing and less regret after a divorce. Pam 6-5-13Turing off your emotions may be easier said than done, but understanding that there are two groups of emotions may make it easier. The emotional feeling a woman has about her spouse is one group and those emotional feelings that she has towards herself is the other. Typical emotions towards her spouse may include anger, sadness, rage, or a feeling of relief. Those emotions that she feels towards herself may be a little more complex. Getting a better understanding of these emotions will help make the necessary shift from emotional thinking to financial thinking. The self-chatter that a woman may have while going through a divorce could block her ability to do what is best for her. It can also determine how well she recovers from the divorce. Staying healthy during this trying time will help. Often the overwhelming process of divorce could make women neglect a prior healthy routine of working out and eating right. This is not the time for her to stop taking care herself. Continuing to work out or starting a workout routine will help to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, negative self doubt in her ability to choose a partner only works against her. Shifting her focus to what is best for the children, if any, and herself is advised. Having a divorce lawyer that will fight to protect her interest in another must have. If you are taking into consideration how your life might be as a single woman after divorce contact an Illinois attorney today for a free consultation.  

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