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Types of Adoption

Posted on in Family Law
There are many different reasons that you may be considering adoption as a feasible method of expanding your family. Some people are not able to have their own children; they may have decided that they wanted more children after having elective surgery that prevents them from naturally bearing a child, or maybe they simply do not want to have to go through a pregnancy. No matter what the reason, the state of Illinois does have several adoption programs. Theresa 5-15The children who are waiting to be adopted may be under DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) care because of being taken from their parents, or they may have other circumstances that have caused them not to have a permanent home. Providing a foster home for a child gives you the opportunity to provide a temporary residence for children that are currently wards of the state. This may be an option while the natural parents are working on getting themselves together to get their kids back home. The foster child may need specialized care because of health or emotional issues and a group home would not be the best place for them. An adoption would establish you as the child's legal parent. This would give you all of the rights and responsibilities that any parent has for a child, as you would have with a birth child. Once the adoption process is final, DCFS would have no further involvement in the case and the child is yours permanently. Either the birth parents have relinquished their parental rights to the children or an order was put through the court doing the same. The third type of adoption program is guardianship. Usually a family member is taking care of the child in this situation. The parents still have rights to the child but returning to the parent's home or being adopted is not an option. This usually lasts until the age of 18. If you are considering adoption and you have questions regarding the process, what you need to qualify, etc. a qualified Illinois family law attorney can assist you and represent you in court.  

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