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U of I Professor Consults on Sesame Street Divorce Resources

Posted on in Divorce
The sad news is that although the divorce rate has been declining in recent years, millions of kids live with divorced parents.  Any transitional period is difficult for children, which is why there is a lot of research done on the effects of divorce.  30 years of scientific study shows that these children have heightened risks of school problems, mental health issues, and connecting with peers. One of the researchers of note is Robert Hughes Jr.  He is the head of the University of Illinois’s Department of Human & Community Development.  Being a preeminent expert on divorce, Hughes was asked to advise Sesame Workshop on new divorce resources for children and parents.  “Some 40 percent of families experience divorce, so the experience is widespread, but our individual lives and crises are always uniquely our own,” Hughes said. “Children need to know they’re not alone in this experience and that they can bring their feelings to their parents and caregivers.” Hughes said that the best way for parents to care for their children in the process of and after a divorce is to reduce conflict.  That is an overarching theme in the research of Hughes.  The added stress of two fighting parents can often damage children, to the point where children are unable to translate their emotions.  There is also a belief that when parents make contributions to raising the child.  Having a co-parenting agreement can show children that they are still important to the new configuration of their family. To ensure that your children have a stress-free experience with divorce, consider trying the mediation process.  While it is not advised to all couples seeking divorce, it often provides the most favorable resolutions.  Contact a skilled divorce attorney in Geneva who also has experience with mediation today to find a solution that works for you and your family.
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