What Happens During a Child Custody Evaluation? 

 Posted on November 23, 2022 in Child Custody

Kane County Child Custody lawyerChild custody issues can be complicated. Emotions are often running high and the parties involved are looking for a fair outcome. In many child custody disputes, each parent has a very different idea of what is best for their child.  This is why many courts use a child custody evaluation.

A child custody evaluation is an assessment of each parent's ability to provide for their children and the best interests of the children involved in the dispute. The court will appoint a neutral, third-party evaluator who has experience in family law or mental health counseling. 

Child Custody Evaluations in Illinois 

A child custody evaluation is conducted by an experienced, impartial professional who has expertise in both family dynamics and psychology. The purpose of the evaluation is to help the court make an informed decision about the best interests of the children. 

During a child custody evaluation, both parents may be interviewed separately and together. The evaluator may also interview other people involved in their lives, such as friends or relatives, to gain insight into the parents' abilities to care for the child. The evaluator may conduct a home study and observe how the parents interact with their children. 

The evaluator will use this information to make a recommendation in order to help the court determine what is in the best interests of the child. This could include recommending one parent over another, or suggesting joint custody arrangements.

Tips for Getting Through a Child Custody Evaluation 

Going through a child custody evaluation can be stressful. A parent may feel as if their parenting ability is being called into question or that they are being unfairly judged. These feelings are understandable, but it is important to remember that the evaluator is just trying to make a recommendation in the child's best interests. 

It's also important for the parent to remain calm and focused during the evaluation process. Parents should answer the evaluator's questions honestly and freely provide any requested documentation, such as medical records or school reports. 

Contact a St. Charles Child Custody Lawyer 

Child custody evaluators are knowledgeable professionals, but they are not always aware of the nuances of a particular family’s situation. If you have questions or concerns about your child custody evaluation, contact an experienced St. Charles child custody attorney to discuss your options. 

The skilled team of legal professionals at Goostree Law Group can help you understand the evaluation process, ensure that your rights are protected, and help you pursue the best possible outcome for your child. Schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys today to learn more by calling 630-584-4800 today.



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