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What Movies Misunderstand About Divorce

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What Movies Misunderstand About DivorceOne of the films nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year is “Marriage Story,” which is about a couple with a young son going through an emotional divorce. The divorce lawyers for each side play a prominent role in the film, shining a light on the legal process. Divorce is a common source of conflict for filmmakers wanting to portray a family drama. “Kramer vs. Kramer” won the award for Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 1979. While movies have helped form the public perception of divorce, it is important to understand that your divorce will be different than the stories you see portrayed on screen:

  1. Divorce Is Not All About Drama: Divorce in a movie often includes dramatic announcements and heated arguments because that is what makes the most compelling story. These things can occur in a real divorce, but your divorce can be peaceful and cooperative if that is what you both want. Most of the “drama” you will experience will be internal as you mourn the end of your marriage and wonder what the future will hold for you.
  2. Divorce Does Not Have to Be Someone’s Fault: A movie character usually asks for a divorce because of something that their spouse did. The spouse may be having an extramarital affair, behaving abusively, neglecting their family, or preventing the main character from pursuing their dreams. In real life, divorce may be no one’s fault. Some couples grow apart over time or were never compatible. Both sides may have made mistakes, but assigning blame does not help you heal from your divorce.
  3. Divorce Can Be a Happy Ending: Some movie couples go through the drama of splitting up but get back together at the end of the movie. Audiences see this as a “feel-good ending” because the main characters’ romance was saved and the family was preserved. While there is nothing wrong with trying to work out your marital problems, a divorce may be the best resolution if you are unhappy in your marriage. Staying in a contentious and loveless marriage makes everyone in your home miserable.

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