What Should I Ask My Divorce Lawyer During Our First Meeting? 

 Posted on December 05, 2022 in Divorce

Kane County Divorce AttorneyMost people getting divorced are doing so for the first time. Uncertainty is normal and having questions is common. Even if you are sure that you want to get divorced and have a sense of what you want to get out of the process, you may be unsure of how to choose the right divorce attorney. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know what to look for and even what questions to bring to your first meeting. At Goostree Law Group, our Illinois divorce attorneys are prepared to guide you throughout your divorce - including a few things you should discuss with your attorney in your first consultation. 

Am I Likely to Reach a Settlement With My Spouse?

Many, if not most, divorces can reach a settlement before going to trial. If you and your spouse can negotiate a settlement, even if you need the help of a mediator, you can avoid the time and expense of courtroom litigation. However, settlement negotiations are not reasonable or safe for everyone, so talking to your attorney about your situation should help you better understand whether negotiation is the best path for you to pursue. 

What is My Financial Situation? 

Understanding your financial situation is essential for preparing for divorce. However, having questions about the financial aspects of divorce is normal, especially because things like child support and spousal support can be hard to predict. An attorney can help you understand whether you are likely to make or receive support payments, as well as how the process of dividing the marital estate works in Illinois. An attorney can also help you estimate the cost of a divorce and whether their services fall within your budget. 

How Are Minor Children Treated in Illinois Divorces? 

If you have children who are under 18 or still in high school, their well-being is probably at the top of your list of concerns. An attorney can help you understand the concepts of parental responsibilities and parenting time in Illinois, plus what Illinois law expects of parents in terms of how they should manage these issues. If abuse or neglect has been present in your relationship, an attorney can help you pursue an order of protection if necessary. 

Contact a Kane County Divorce Attorney Today

Choosing the right divorce attorney for your case can be challenging. At Goostree Law Group, our attorneys understand that you likely have many questions and may be unsure of the road ahead. We offer free consultations so you can get a sense of how our team can help and why we have the experience you need to secure an optimal resolution in your case. Call us today at 630-584-4800 to schedule a meeting with one of our St. Charles, IL family law attorneys




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