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Why People With Certain Jobs Have Higher Divorce Rates

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Why People With Certain Jobs Have Higher Divorce RatesA person’s job may or may not cause a divorce, but research suggests that there is a correlation. Using data from a 2015 survey, an analyst calculated the occupations that had the highest divorce rates. The leading job was casino gaming managers at 52.9 percent, closely followed by bartenders at 52.7 percent. To put the numbers in perspective, the median divorce rate was about 36 percent. Other occupations near the top of the list included flight attendants, switchboard operators, telemarketers, entertainers, nurses, and various heavy machinery workers. Actuaries had the lowest divorce rate at 17 percent, with scientific and religious occupations also having lower rates. When examining the occupations with the highest divorce rates, there are shared factors that may contribute to divorce:

  1. Low Income: Money trouble is one of the most common conflicts that may lead to divorce. Couples who have low or unstable incomes are more likely to be stressed and question each others’ spending habits. There is less margin for error when someone uses money wastefully or an emergency creates an unanticipated expense.
  2. Long and Odd Hours: It is difficult for a couple to maintain a relationship if they cannot see each other regularly. Most of the high divorce rate occupations involve working nights or long shifts. There is an added risk of extramarital affairs happening at work because people may connect with others who share their irregular work schedules.
  3. High Stress: This may be more of a compounding factor because many of the jobs with low divorce rates are also stressful. A stressful job can seem even worse if it does not pay well or the work is not fulfilling. Low-paid workers may take more verbal abuse because their supervisors and customers do not respect them. Because the person does not want to retaliate at work, he or she may vent that anger at home.
  4. Gravitating Towards Vices: After a long or stressful day at work, some people like to relax by drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs. These habits can develop into substance abuse, which often leads to poor or destructive decisions. In the most serious cases, substance abusers may become violent towards others, including their own families.

Work and Divorce

A change in occupation will not save your marriage. Spouses who have problems in their relationship are likely to divorce, regardless of what occupations they have. All marriages involve some form of stress that couples must work through. A Kane County divorce attorney at Goostree Law Group can help you negotiate a favorable divorce settlement after your marriage has ended. Schedule a free consultation by calling 630-584-4800.


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