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Cost of Divorce Found to be Number One Concern for Divorcing Couples

Posted on in Divorce
Recently, the Huffington Post released a story about couples getting divorced. A new study conducted found that the number one concern for couples getting divorced is the cost. Of the respondents without children, 58 percent of them agreed that cost was their number one concern, along with 53 percent of those couples with children. Lucy cost of divorceAnother 42 percent said they were most concerned about property division, 27 percent said the length of time the entire divorce proceeding would take and 22 percent said they were most concerned about alimony. The study also asked people about whether or not they used a lawyer when they got divorced and found that over two-thirds, 65 percent, of those questioned did use a divorce attorney for their case. The vice president of marketing for the company that conducted the survey said that the average cost to get divorced as of June 2013 was roughly $15,000. Although the vice president agreed that it is an expensive cost, he did admit that he was surprised that it was the number one concern. “It’s no wonder that cost it a key factor…however, we were surprised at how significant a concern it is,” said the vice president. He also shared that the study showed that this concern was wide spread across all income levels as well. The Huffington Post also reported on another, even more recent study from Kansas University that also found money as a big part of divorce. It found that “couples who argue about money, especially early in their relationship, are more likely to divorce.” If are on the verge of a divorce and are concerned about the cost of divorce, contact a family law attorney to answer your questions about the divorce process. Goostree Law Group will help you through your divorce proceedings in Kane County, Ill. today.
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