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Employers are Vital in the Collection of Child Support

Posted on in Child Support
The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) reports that approximately 70% of all child support is collected from the responsible parent via wage withholding or garnishment. While these are very good numbers, the numbers can be even better if the people that tend to slip through the cracks would pony up. The newest program that the OCSE has launched, with help of employers, is the Passport Denial Program. Business Management Daily reports that employers are paying their employees astronomical amounts for their employees to travel out of the country on business. This program will allow the Department of State to hold the passport applications of anyone who owes more than $2,500 in back child support. What happens in these cases is that the employers are paying these back child support obligations expressly so the employee will be able to take that business trip overseas. This is just another program to try to get deadbeat parents to take care of the financial obligations to their minor children. There are states that will suspend driving privileges, professional license renewals, as well as other necessary things until the child support is paid. Also, a lender will not consider the application of a person that has a child support judgment on their credit records. If you find yourself in a situation where you are either seeking help to secure an order of support or if you are on the receiving end of that order, you need to have proper representation of your interests. You deserve to have a fair and knowledgeable Kane County family law attorney at your side to help fight for the best options for both yourself as well as your family. Proper representation is vital, even in a family law situation such as this.
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