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The Most Interesting Divorce Research of 2013

Posted on in Family Law
As the year wraps up, so does another 12 months of fascinating research into marriage and divorce. Across numerous fields, divorce has been a hot topic for study, leading to some of the most interesting research of the year. Take a look at these findings to see what researchers discovered or published in 2013. Divorce Can Have a Serious Impact on Men’s Health divorce in Illinois imageResearch from the Journal of Men’s Health showed that serious physical and emotional challenges are faced by men post-divorce. Relying on support systems and adjusting to new life, along with the healing powers of time, can help to mitigate these concerns and reduce risks. Unreasonable Behavior Leading Cause of Divorce This year, “unreasonable behavior” surpassed infidelity as a leading reason for divorce, according to research done by Co-operative Legal Services. Fewer Siblings Linked To Lower Divorce Risk Come from a big family? You might be facing an increased risk of divorce, at least according to scholars at Ohio State University. Drinking Habits Linked to Divorce Do you and your spouse have completely different drinking habits? If so, this might be a factor linked to your likelihood to divorce. Researchers at the University of Buffalo followed more than 600 couples to generate this conclusion. Divorce Might Be Contagious If you have close friends or family members that have gone through a divorce, you have an increased change of splitting up your married, too. According the Pew Research Center, those individuals who have had a close divorce encounter through a friend or loved one face higher risks themselves. If all this started you thinking about your own marriage, it could be time to take the next step with your case. If you’re ready to talk options, reach out to an Illinois family law attorney today. You can get a fresh start in life if you are thinking about divorce.
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