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Is a Prenup Necessary?

Posted on in Divorce
AmandaFor some, a prenuptial agreement helps them feel secure during their marriage. Others feel that requesting a prenuptial agreement is a jinx for having an unhappy marriage or a sign of mistrust. People who have been through a bad divorce in the past are more likely to want a prenup, especially if there are children in the mix. You want your children and yourself to be financially secure even if the marriage doesn't last forever. suggests that couples should start the prenup process even if they decide they do not want to go through with it. Money can be a touchy subject, so it is important to know where you and your future spouse lie on decisions about it. Most people consider their belongings from before the marriage to be theirs no matter what the outcome of their marriage is; this is common in most states. Legally, this can be different for domestic partnerships or same-sex marriages. It depends on whether or not the state recognizes these relationships. Even if someone does not have any assets before the marriage, they might want to consider getting a prenup if they are expecting to attain assets in the future. Signing a prenup can be a touchy subject, which is one of the reasons that many couples do not have one.  It is important to see whether or not a couple can be financially compatible long before they ever have to sit down with a divorce attorney. If a couple makes around the same income and had the same educational and wealth status they shouldn’t have too many issues if the marriage doesn’t last too long. If there are big differences or a long marriage or children involved, things can get tricky. If you or anyone you know is thinking about signing a prenuptial agreement, be sure to contact a lawyer. Call an experience Illinois attorney that will be able to help you with your agreement.
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