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Marrying for Wrong Reason Often Ends in Divorce

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Marrying for Wrong Reason Often Leads to DivorceMany long-term marriages share traits that create a strong relationship, such as respect, dedication, admiration, and patience. You cannot know whether these attributes will develop and sustain themselves in your marriage, but your interactions before your marriage can foreshadow how you will get along in your marriage. You can more easily predict when a marriage is destined for divorce than when it will succeed. Some couples enter ill-advised marriages because they ignore warning signs of incompatibility or make hasty decisions.

Social Pressure

You may become more anxious to get married as you grow older because:

  • You fear that your chances of attracting a spouse will diminish with age;
  • You want to start a family while you are still biologically capable of doing so;
  • Your family is asking about your relationships and whether you have thought about marriage; and
  • Your friends are getting married, leaving you as one of the only unmarried people in your group of friends.

An unexpected pregnancy may also pressure you into marriage out of a sense of responsibility. Pressuring yourself into marriage can cause you to ignore whether you are compatible with your potential spouse. You settle for someone who meets your minimum qualifications for marriage instead of choosing someone with whom you can develop a strong relationship.

Quick Fix

Marriage seems like a remedy for many problems in your life:

  • Marriage gives you companionship if you are lonely;
  • Marriage allows you to pool your financial resources with another person; and
  • Marriage is an exciting event that may temporarily make you happy.

Getting married may solve your problems but is only a temporary solution if your marriage is not built to last. After a divorce, these problems may become worse. You may feel more lonely and rejected than before and lose financial assets as part of your divorce settlement.

Impulse Decision

A younger couple can make a hasty choice to get married without considering the long-term consequences. They have experienced the fun of being in a romantic relationship and believe that getting married will continue that happiness for the rest of their lives. People who have been in a relationship for only a short time have not experienced the responsibilities and stresses that come with living together. Young adults have not fully developed their personalities and may want something different from their relationship in 10 years.

Marriage Mistake

Divorce is a reasonable decision if you realize that you may have gotten married for the wrong reason. A Kane County divorce attorney at Goostree Law Group can explain the divorce process. To schedule a free consultation, call 630-584-4800.


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