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Overcoming Your Fear of Change During Divorce

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Overcoming Your Fear of Change During DivorceFear is a paralyzing emotion that people going through a divorce will commonly experience. When you give in to your fear, you may avoid actions that could help you overcome that fear. Your fear may prevent you from seeking a divorce, despite being miserable in your marriage. During your divorce, your fear may make you passive when you need to advocate for your own interests. After your divorce, your fear may keep you following the same routines that made you unhappy during your marriage. Conquering your fear means understanding it and resolving to act in spite of it.

Divorce Fears

Divorcees are most afraid of significant change in their lives and the uncertainty of their futures. These can create more specific fears, such as:

  • How will I support myself on my own?;
  • Can I handle being a single parent?;
  • How will the divorce affect my children?;
  • Will getting divorced make me happier?; and
  • What will my life be like after divorce?

These are natural questions that you should ask during your divorce because thinking about them will help guide your actions. Problems arise when your fear controls you. When you are afraid of change, you resign yourself to a status quo that you know is not working. There is comfort in familiarity and anxiety in the unknown.

Managing Your Fear

You do not need to be fearless during your divorce. Instead, you should control your fear and minimize its effect on you. There are some fears that you can act on during your divorce:

It can be more difficult to manage the fears that you cannot control. You do not know all of the changes you will experience after your divorce or whether you will be happier. The best ways to combat these fears during your divorce is to stay active and focus on what you can control. Tell yourself that you are doing everything in your power to set yourself up for success in the future.

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