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Recovering your Life after a Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

new horizonDivorce is a major change in anyone’s life.  It is challenging in many ways.  A divorce may even cause an identity crisis that could take years to recover from and regain your life.  But it is helpful to know that you are not OK, it makes it easier to get on the right track. Why the process to recovery takes so long is because there are two things happening at the same time.  The first objective is to recover from your loss.  The second objective is to rebuild your life again without your partner. In regards to the first goal, it is hard to expect a timeline of events for the grieving process.  No one mourns in the same way as someone else.  While the stages of grief include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, it is hard to feel just one at a time.  Grief tends to be more chaotic than a series of steps. For the second part of recovery, there is no blueprint to use.  Occasionally small things will trip you up.  The decision to sleep on the other side of the bed will seem strange.  Embrace the newness of your situation and make it your own.  Whether that means buying some new sheets for your bed or painting your kitchen the color you have always wanted. This is a new stage in your life.  While you make changes to make it your own, lean on the support of your family and friends.  They will be invaluable during your transition.  It might be the case that you will need to branch out and make new friends.  Going through a divorce is about finding a new perspective and forging a new future without your spouse. The realization that divorce is necessary will come from within.  If you have come to that decision that it is time, then it is necessary to receive legal guidance.  Contact an experienced family law attorney in Kane County today.

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