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Some people are more creative about calling it quits – outcome remains the same

Posted on in Divorce
Everyone knows that people have different ways of coping with loss and especially the end of a relationship, but there are also different ways of ending a relationship and letting your loved ones know. If ending a relationship means going through a divorce, it is even harder, but the Huffington Post found a story about a couple who came up with a creative solution for announcing their breakup. In the midst of extremely sad and serious divorce posts, it is sometimes good to take a breather and look at a story that might momentarily take your mind off of the stressful side of divorce and separation. This time that story is how Jonathan Mann and Ivory King told their friends they had decided break up by making a music video. The couple ended things, because they had different opinions on whether to have children or not, which is nothing unusual. Making the announcement with a music video, however , is everything but common. People often assume that the financial side of divorce is the big issue, but maintaining relationships with close friends and family can be even more important. Telling your loved ones it is time to end an important chapter of your life can be hard, so it is normal to find a way that is the easiest for yourself. For Mann and King, the easiest way was by making a video. When you are planning to file for divorce or have already done so, it is important to get knowledgeable legal help. Our offices cannot help you with your music video, but we can help you with your divorce proceedings. When you need experienced legal assistance in divorce, contact our Illinois divorce attorneys.
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