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Technology Affecting the Way People Divorce

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Technology Affecting the Way People DivorceDigital technology has changed how people interact with each other, which affects important relationships such as marriages. It may be a stretch to say that social media and phone use are causing people to get divorced, but they may be an obstacle to repairing a damaged marriage. Once people have decided to divorce, digital technology has changed the process – in helpful ways but also in ways that require caution. As a result, technology and communication have grown in importance as it relates to divorce.

Technology Leading Up to Divorce

Spending more time socializing on your digital devices usually means less time interacting with people in person such as your spouse. Direct communication is one of the key tools that couples use to keep their relationships strong and resolve differences between each other. Digital technology also creates new opportunities for marital conflicts, such as discovering that your spouse is having an affair with someone through electronic correspondences or has been using your money on hidden purchases.

Technology During a Divorce

We live in a digital information age that provides divorcees with more resources than ever before, including:

  • A quick yet comprehensive search of available divorce attorneys and related professionals
  • Information on divorce laws for your state and guides for do-it-yourself divorce
  • Easier means of communication with your divorce attorney and your spouse
  • Instant access to your financial records, which you can share with your divorce attorney
  • Online communities that provide emotional support for people going through a divorce

However, having too much information can be a problem if you do not understand which information is useful and how to use it. If you are not careful, you may rely on a source that is out-of-date or inaccurate. Divorce is a complicated subject, which is why most people work with a divorce attorney who understands how to best apply divorce laws to their case.

Technology After a Divorce

Digital technology can be useful for divorced parents who must continue to communicate with each other after the divorce. Sending a short email or text message to your co-parent is easier and has less potential for conflict than meeting in person or scheduling a phone call, as long as you both agree on the boundaries for this form of messaging. There are also online resources that allow you to share and update your parenting schedule with your co-parent and your children.

Contact a Kane County Divorce Lawyer

Technology can make the divorce process more efficient, but there is no replacement for the professional knowledge of a divorce lawyer. A St. Charles, Illinois, divorce attorney at Goostree Law Group will explain how to best use digital technology during your divorce. Schedule a free consultation by calling 630-584-4800.


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