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Using Technology to Your Benefit When Co-Parenting After Divorce

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Kane County Family Law AttorneyDivorced parents often struggle to communicate about their child’s schedule and needs. It can be hard to coordinate parenting duties with an ex – especially if you are not on good terms with that person. Fortunately, modern technology has many different solutions for parents in this predicament. Using smartphone and computer applications is a great way to keep track of your parenting time schedule, coordinate drop-offs and pick-ups, and record child-related information.

Joint Online Calendars Can Help Ensure Parents Are On the Same Page

Smartphones have changed nearly every aspect of our lives. More and more parents are throwing out paper calendars and address books in favor of digital applications on their phones, tablets, or personal computer. Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook Calendar are some of the most popular digital calendars available today. Parents can create shared calendars that may be viewed or edited by either parent in real-time. This can help eliminate confusion about school events, birthday parties, changes to the parenting time schedule, and more.

Co-Parenting Applications for Your Cell Phone

There are also smartphone applications specifically for co-parents. The app 2Houses lets parents organize their parenting time schedules, keep track of child-related expenses, and record medical and school information. Parentship offers similar features and also allows parents to store digital documents like the child’s social security card and passport. OurFamilyWizard is another app that parents can use to communicate information about their children. This particular app comes with a feature called “ToneMeter” that helps parents identify when their message to the other parent may be phrased in an antagonistic or negative way. Apps like these will not completely eliminate the stress of co-parenting with an ex, but they may make it a little easier to stay on the same page with the other parent.

Whether you use a co-parenting app, online calendar, or simply text message the other parent when you need to tell them something, written communication has many benefits in a co-parenting relationship. When something is written down either digitally or on paper, there is less of a chance that parents will misunderstand. Furthermore, having a written record of any communication or agreement can be extremely beneficial if you even need to enforce the parenting plan through the court.

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