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What to do Before Filing for Divorce

Posted on in Divorce
marriage and divorceIf you have decided to divorce your spouse, there is some preparation which should be completed before filing.  Any major decision takes careful planning to prepare for the final decision.  In any divorce, there are steps you should take to make the process go easier. 1.  Collect all financial records Having copies of all financial documents is essential to the divorce process.  During the divorce process, assets and debts are divided to each party.  If you can gather bank statements, credit card bills, mortgage statements, wills, and other financial data should be included in your files.  That way if your divorce becomes contentious, then you will have backup files which show your marital assets. 2.  Secure divorce funds For partners who do not have access to money, it can be incredibly difficult to secure an attorney’s services.  Keeping funds from a spouse is a common way to force an unfair divorce settlement.  Do what you can to obtain the necessary assets to obtain a fair resolution. 3.  Improve your credit Do what you can to improve your financial situation.  That might mean closing your credit card accounts to protect yourself from a spouse’s spending spree.  It might mean that you have to open a credit account under your name only.  To make the best decision about your financial state and the next step to take, obtain your credit report. 4.  Research divorce laws and procedures Everyone has a different set of priorities during the divorce process.  If your children are your number one concern, then research the custody laws of Illinois.  If you are worried about the transition to single life, review spousal support rules.  Also, review if mediation can be a possible option for your divorce.  It might be the most cost efficient and painless way to secure a divorce from your spouse.  If you have more questions about what to do to prepare for a divorce, contact an experienced divorce attorney in Kane County today.
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