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Who May Adopt a Child in the State of Illinois?

Posted on in Adoption
There are many specific and often complex legal rules about adoption. Anyone who wishes to adopt a child should familiarize themselves with these rules and consult a professional lawyer. Not everyone is eligible to adopt; there are special conditions that a person must first meet. First of all, a person, be they man or woman, may adopt a child if they are reputable, of legal age, and under no legal disability. If such person is married and has been living together with his or her spouse at least 12 months, the spouse must be part of the adoption proceedings as well. This also concerns a husband or wife who wants to adopt a child of the other spouse. Furthermore, there are residence requirements: those who wish to adopt a child in Illinois must have resided in the state for 6 months or longer counting from the beginning of the adoption proceedings. This condition does not concern anyone who belongs to the U.S. army and has been domiciled in the state of Illinois for three months. Likewise, these requirements do not apply to an adoption of a relative child or a child placed by a child welfare agency. In some cases, even a minor may have the right to adopt. However, such special cases are relatively rare. If you are considering adopting a child and meet the above-mentioned criteria, you should contact an experienced Illinois adoption attorney at your earliest convenience. There are many other legal issues related to adoption which are best handled with the help of experts. Every case is unique and even if you think that you don’t qualify for adoption, there might still be a solution.  
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