Guarding Your Electronic Communications During Your DivorceIt is vital for you to protect your personal information and communications during your divorce. Spouses are looking for information that gives them an insight into the other party’s strategy or that can be used to discredit the other party. Access to your email, text messages and voicemails can expose all of that information and other details you may not want your spouse to know. Unauthorized access to your electronic accounts is illegal, but you would need to prove that your spouse surreptitiously gained access to the information. It is easier to strengthen your cyber security at the start of your divorce.

Security Breaches

Your spouse does not need the skills of a computer hacker in order to access your electronic accounts. Often, it is as simple as knowing your password. Spouses often share passwords with each other so they can both access important personal information. If you have not shared your passwords, your spouse may know where you have them written down. Once your spouse has gotten into your electronic accounts, he or she can:

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Attending Events with Your Co-Parent After DivorceDivorced parents often cannot avoid each other due to their shared responsibilities to their children. Many encounters can be brief, avoiding uncomfortable tensions and possible conflicts. However, there are child-related events that the parents are expected to both attend and remain in close proximity to each other for extended periods. These events may include:

  • Sports competitions;
  • School concerts;
  • Parent-teacher conferences; and
  • Awards ceremonies.

Both parents likely want to attend these events because they are important moments in their children’s lives. The children are also hoping to see both parents at the event. Divorced parents should try to peacefully interact with each other when attending their children’s events.

Being Together

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Illinois Court Denies Appeal on Child Support ModificationAfter a court has established child support, parents are entitled to a review and possible modification of the payments. Illinois allows child support modifications in three situations:

  • When three years have passed since the child support was enacted or last modified;
  • When there is a significant change in the needs of a child; or
  • When there is a significant change in the income of one of the parents.

A recent Illinois appellate court case involved a father requesting to lower his child support payments. The court found that the father had proven a viable reduction in his income and rejected the mother’s argument that the support payments should remain the same.

Case Details

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Challenges for Business Executives During DivorceMost successful business executives are highly driven professionals who are dedicated to their work. Those qualities do not always transfer to their marriages. Their focus on their jobs can cause them to pay less attention to their home lives. Their spouses may seek divorce if they do not feel there is enough intimacy and communication in the marriage. If the business executive was not paying much attention to the marriage, he or she needs to focus more on the divorce. High asset divorce involves many complex properties that must be divided between the spouses. The business executive spouse may be familiar with negotiating deals involving valuable assets, but he or she cannot take the same approach during a divorce.

Complex Marital Properties

Most marriages involve valuable assets that must be divided, such as real estate and financial accounts. For business executives, these high-value assets can be more diverse and complicated, such as:

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Your Child's Pediatrician Should Know About Your DivorcePeople going through a divorce can be reluctant to tell casual acquaintances about it. The process is personal and not something they want to share with everyone they meet. However, there are people outside of your friends and family who need to know about the divorce. One such person is your child’s pediatrician. The emotional impact of your divorce can cause developmental and behavioral maladies in children. A pediatrician may be able to help your children, but he or she needs to know that the divorce may be causing the problems. Keeping your pediatrician informed of your child’s life circumstances may help prevent some of the struggles your child will go through during the divorce.

Effects of Divorce

Children feel emotional pain when their parents divorce or separate, regardless of their age or how amicable the divorce is. Feelings of abandonment, anger and self-blame can become emotional scars that last for years. Depending on the child’s age, the emotional effects of divorce on children can manifest as:

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