Points During Marriage When Divorce Is Most LikelyCompiled statistical data cannot predict when an individual marriage will end in divorce, but that does not stop researchers from trying. There are too many reasons why people get divorced that can develop at any point in the marriage, such as personality conflicts, acts of infidelity or general dissatisfaction. By studying data, researchers have noticed that there are points in the duration of a marriage when more divorces tend to occur. From there, they consider what relationship factors may have changed to make divorce more likely. Researchers have identified three points in a marriage when the risk of divorce seems to increase.

The First Year

The start of a marriage is logically a time when it is vulnerable. Despite the honeymoon period, there are several reasons why a marriage may last a year or less:

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Types of Discovery and How to Object to ThemWhen a party is unsure of important information regarding a spouse during a divorce, he or she may use the discovery process to compel the spouse to disclose the information. Discovery can allow someone to view documents, ask questions or even summon a person for testimony. The discovery process often becomes a conflict between the two sides’ attorneys to determine which information must be disclosed and which can remain private. Parties that object to a discovery request must show why the request should not be granted.

Types of Discovery

Spouses can conduct discovery to collect information on any matters related to the divorce. It is most commonly used to learn about valuable marital properties. However, it is also used to present evidence of a spouse’s character, which may be relevant in determining the allocation of parental responsibilities. There are four common forms of discovery that can be used on a spouse or a third party:

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Children Take Priority for Divorced Families During HolidaysThanksgiving is next week, along with the official start of the holiday season. For parents and children of divorce, the season can be a time of hectic schedules and mixed emotions. In most cases, each parent will want to have individual time with the children to celebrate. However, it will be difficult for either parent to have the same holiday experience that they did when the family was whole. While this may be depressing, parents should focus on providing a good holiday experience for their children. In order to do so, they must be flexible in both their scheduling and expectations for the holidays.

Holiday Parenting Time

Parents with foresight will consider holidays when creating their parenting schedule during the divorce. There are several ways parents can split their time with their children during the holidays, including:

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Tax Reform Bill Would End Spousal Support DeductionThe proposed tax reform bill in the U.S. House of Representatives has caught the attention of divorce attorneys. The bill would eliminate the federal tax deduction for spousal maintenance as part of an effort to offset massive tax cuts. Recipient spouses would also no longer pay taxes on their maintenance payments. The changes would shift the tax burden from the recipient spouse to the paying spouse. However, the recipient spouse may find it more difficult to obtain spousal maintenance during a divorce.

Tax Deductions

Under the current federal tax law, people may deduct the entirety of spousal maintenance payments they make, as long as:

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How Veterans Benefits Are Treated During DivorceSettling a divorce involving a veteran of the U.S. military can be more complicated than with a typical divorce. Federal and state laws determine how veterans benefits may be divided during the divorce. With the varying types of benefits a veteran can receive, divorcing spouses may have difficulty differentiating between them. Some benefits are treated as marital property, while others are exempt from division. The duration of both the marriage and the veteran spouse’s service can also affect how the benefits are treated. Here is a breakdown of different types of veterans benefits and how they relate to divorce.

Medical Benefits

Spouses and dependents are eligible for coverage under a military veteran’s health care plan, such as TRICARE. When a spouse divorces a veteran, the spouse can remain on the health plan indefinitely, as long as:

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